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Silestone colors

Volcano Series
  • Grey Expo Silestone  Volcano series

    Grey Expo

  • Haiku Volcano Silestone  Volcano series


  • Kensho Silestone  Volcano series


  • Nuit Bleu Silestone  Volcano series

    Nuit Bleue

  • White Zeus Silestone  Volcano series

    White Zeus

Platinum Series
  • Carbono Silestone  Platinum series


  • Chrome Silestone  Platinum series


  • Steel Silestone  Platinum series


  • Zirconium Silestone  Platinum series


  • White Platinum Silestone  Platinum series

    White Platinum

Life! Series
  • Cool Silestone  Life series

    Orange Cool

  • Dream Silestone  Life series

    Yellow Dream

  • Enjoy Silestone  Life series

    Blue Enjoy

  • Fun Silestone  Life series

    Green Fun

  • Magenta Energy Silestone  Life series

    Magenta Energy

  • Vital Silestone  Life series

    Red Vital

Love2You Series
  • Love Silestone  Love2You series

    Pink Love

  • Lavender You Silestone  Love2You series

    Lavender You

Zen Series
  • Gedatsu Silestone  Zen series


  • Haiku Silestone  Zen series


  • Kensho Silestone  Zen series


  • Koan Silestone  Zen series


  • Satori Energy Silestone  Zen series


  • Tao Silestone  Zen series


  • Unsui Silestone  Zen series


  • White Zeus Silestone  Zen series

    White Zeus

Mountain Series
  • Alpina White Silestone  Mountain series

    Alpina White

  • Black Canyon Silestone  Mountain series

    Black Canyon

  • Giallo Quarry Silestone  Mountain series

    Giallo Quarry

  • Mountain Mist Silestone  Mountain series

    Mountain Mist

  • Sienna Ridge Silestone  Mountain series

    Sienna Ridge

  • Sierra Madre Silestone  Mountain series

    Sierra Madre

Cielo Series
  • White Dune

    White Dune

  • Amarillo Sand

    Amarillo Sand

  • Orange Fuego

    Orange Fuego

  • Silver Nube

    Silver Nube

Mesopotamia Series
  • Amarillo Palmira

    Amarillo Palmira

  • Kona Beige

    Kona Beige

  • Blue Sahara

    Blue Sahara

  • Tea Leaf

    Tea Leaf

Mythology Series
  • White North

    White North

  • Minerva Cream

    Minerva Cream

  • Beige Olimpo

    Beige Olimpo

  • Coral Troya

    Coral Troya

  • Red Eros

    Red Eros

  • Grey Expo

    Grey Expo

  • Black Anubis

    Black Anubis

  • Tebas Black

    Tebas Black

River Series
  • Bianco River

    Bianco River

  • Yukon Blanco

    Yukon Blanco

  • Tigris Sand

    Tigris Sand

  • Caramel Rhine

    Caramel Rhine

  • Yellow Nile

    Yellow Nile

  • Sonora Gold

    Sonora Gold

  • Santa Fe Brown

    Santa Fe Brown

  • Grey Amazon

    Grey Amazon

Stellar Series
  • Stellar Snow

    Stellar Snow

  • Stellar Rose

    Stellar Rose

  • Stellar Sun

    Stellar Sun

  • Stellar Fire

    Stellar Fire

  • Stellar Marine

    Stellar Marine

  • Stellar Night

    Stellar Night

Stone Series
  • Blanco Maple

    Blanco Maple

  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc

  • Capri Limestone

    Capri Limestone

  • Blanco City

    Blanco City

  • Urban Cream

    Urban Cream

  • Diana Pearl

    Diana Pearl

  • Kalahari


  • Coffee Brown

    Coffee Brown

  • Rosa Grey

    Rosa Grey

  • Absolute Green

    Absolute Green

Tropical Forest Series
  • Bamboo


  • Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast

  • Mahogany


  • Brazilian Brown

    Brazilian Brown

  • African Red

    African Red

  • Rainforest


  • Ebony Pearl

    Ebony Pearl

Leather Texture This color also available in Leather® texture.

Leather Texture This color also available in Volcano® texture.

*All colors are subject to variations in shade and particulate structure. Colors seen on a computer monitor will differ slightly from the actual stone color.

For a true colour representation visit our showroom.

For more information, please visit www.silestoneusa.com

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Slab Gallery: 5151 Everest Dr. #1-3, Mississauga, ON L4W 5C5.
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