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Belenco's Exclusive Line each year enables to sense an awareness.
These theme oriented group of products are inspired by Belenco's social, cultural, environmental consciousness to respect the differences in the environment of our planet.
Each year, Belenco promotes to protect natural designs of stones as found in its pure originality in its own habitat.
Belenco committed its technology, to give a re-birth to the nature's own designs and bringing in light the organic patterns those are rarely found in today's world.

Magic Purple  1043

Cascade White  7568

Chakra Beige  4458 *

Fancy Cherry  9933

Vintage Black  7777

Coffee Mix  7986
Designed for the courageous souls, the followers of dynamically changing looks in their living spaces as their moods take them.
Belenco's Fresh Fashion line is prepared for mood followers, the rulers of the change, who are a step ahead of the fashion market to set the trends.
Selected to fit the tastes of a change driver, reflecting their trend setter personalities in living spaces, which they define as their personal catwalk.
Created for a fashion runway with a touch of Quartz, for the followers of the upbeat, trendy styles, changing dynamic looks of a fancy, urban-modern life.
Belenco's Fresh Fashion line is prepared for fashion lovers to fit the tastes of a real trendy souls, reflecting their ways of doing things in living spaces they breath in.
Created for fashionable ambiances with a touch of Quartz.

Gala Black  5751

Kristalius Beige  5151

Kristella Grey  2552

Kristella White  4262

Krispino White  4199

Designed for the extravagant souls, the real visionaires.
Serves the individuals with elevated luxury tastes, lovers of out of the box, unique products created by their own detailed desires on demand.
Haute Couture line of Belenco, enables the unique, personalised bespoke tailoring for total control over creating your unique quartz surfaces.

Belenco's Haute Couture line of surfaces, enable designers of all living spaces to enjoy a tailor made quartz surface creation with Belenco team .
Belenco Haute Couture Line is Selected to fit the dreams of a creative soul, created for a VIP runway in your space with a touch of Quartz.

Mocca Mouse  5329*

Chestnut Cream  7323

Antique White  4233

Fairy White  4227 *

Venere White  7329*

Spa Black  8727

Metropol Grey  7537*

Sahara Beige  4444*


Designed by the lovers of an all time chic, elegant classic looks.

Belenco's classical Pret-A-Porter line is prepared for an unmistakenly selected, all time fit for all types of ambiances by the touch of Quartz.

Royal Black  8720

Angel White  2110 *

Praline  3630

Pepper Mix  5539

Cosmopol Grey  6547

Gaia Brown  4640

Dorato Gold  1150

Safari Brown  2649

Juliet White  5139

Orbit Black  8850

Elixir White  5250

A silk touch on surfaces with BELENCO® SETA...

Feel the silk touch! Embrace elegance in your kitchen with Belenco® Seta!
Enjoy the silk touch guarded by the strength of quartz all together in the unmatched surface finish Seta by Belenco ...

Belenco® remains to lead the sector with pioneering innovations based on the philosophy of "Quality, Technology and Design." By way of re-rendering the conventional natural stone textures from a modern and unique viewpoint, Belenco has produced the brand-new Belenco® Seta collection of counter surfaces addressing all of the senses going beyond the common. Seta has been specially designed for those who want to feel the natural characteristics of silk each time they touch a kitchen countertop or a bathroom vanity. Slightly wavy form of Seta collection provides Belenco® Quartz Surface with a lively effect of depth while producing a silky feeling thanks to its special finish.

Belenco® undersigns outstanding designs in modern spaces with its new surface finish where the elegance of silk is accompanied by the strength of quartz. The silk touch introduced by Seta is available in five different colour alternatives. Seta collection stones: Fancy Cherry, Royal Black, Spa Black, Metropol Grey and Praline.


* 130” x 65” slabs in stock

Showroom: 5004 Timberlea Blvd. #16-17
Slab Gallery: 5151 Everest Dr. #1-3, Mississauga, ON L4W 5C5.
Tel: 905 602 7077
Fax: 905 602 7577
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